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La Blanca - Women's Crochet Cup Mio One Piece
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Black colored, swimsuit for women by La Blanca. This swimsuit is made from nylon and elastane spandex. Versatile enough for athletes and casual swimmers, this suit is perfect for a day at the pool and makes a fine addition to any active wear selection. This stylish one-piece swim suit features an eye-catching design with removable pads
contrast white lining along the v-neck.
Color: Black
Hand Wash
Made in Mexico

Why to buy?
Look your best when you dive into the pool next time with this stylish swimsuit by La Blanca.

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About La Blanca:

La Blanca has an innate sense about what women wear in and near the water. The trend-savvy La Blanca swimsuit designs are sophisticated while ensuring a comfortable fit. Instead of cycling the past, La Blanca believes in experimenting with a new leg-lines, different strap styles and modern color combinations. La Blanca bathing suits are the ultimate in modern fashion and provide you the utmost comfort and style.

The 2012 La Blanca Swimwear collection features draped silhouettes accented by modern gold and silver hardware. Key colors of La Blanca bathing suits include royal, keywest blue, coral, black and prints.

Swim ‘n Sport offers a large selection of the latest La Blanca swimwear designs available online or at one of their many store locations.

La Blanca is a professional manufacturer of swimming gears and their products range from single piece, two piece to cover ups. These suits are quite affordable and come in several designs and color schemes. There are many advantages when you decide to choose your favorite swimsuit from them including;

1. Knitting - Many swim suits are quite lightweight and features very thin fabric. When you purchase low quality suits, the knitting pattern is quite visible inside and this can irritate your skin. When it comes to this brand, they use only quality machine stitching which is not at all noticeable when you wear their suits.

2. Fabric - They only use high quality fabrics that are durable, water repellent, lightweight and non allergic to humans. Wearing their swimsuits can be quite a charming experience.

When you go shopping for a swimsuit, keep in mind that spending a lot of money does not guarantee you a great product. You should consider factors like the fabric, manufacturer and comfort and for this La Blanca is one of the brands that offer such quality products

Swimming for many is a hobby, is a passion and is a leisure sport. It does not matter in which level you relish this sport; you need to have the right outfit to perform well. The ideal swimming dress should be lightweight, well ventilated and must not be water absorbing. One common drawback with water repellent fabrics is that they are not quite easygoing on human skin and can cause a lot of trouble like itching and other sort of irritations.


When you purchase a swimming dress ensure that its fabric is soft and should be friendly to your skin. Professional swimming athletes need swim wears that allow easy movement of hands and legs to ensure relaxed movement for them. For them, an ideal swimsuit must be quite lightweight, durable and water repellent, yet being very soft and allowing easy movement. Scuba divers also have similar necessities but they usually need suits that are more durable. This is because they are exposed to corals and marine rocks where chances are high for the suits to expose to rough surfaces. If they are wearing a low quality suit, it will be torn easily.


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