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Calvin Klein - Women's Wave One Shoulder One Piece Swimwear
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Glam up your beach look by wearing this black colored one shoulder one-piece from Calvin Klein. Look glamorous like a true diva at the upcoming pool-side party wearing this swimsuit. Rubber gripper along the top of suit to keep the one shoulder in place, which makes you very comfortable.

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Soak up the sun in this stellar one shoulder one-piece with beautiful jowett fabrication.

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About Calvin Klein:


Calvin Klein started his fashion line in New York in the late 1960s. He started his brand by designing, and making coats. This business venture did well for him, and so he ventured into other products and services. Most notably, he is credited for starting the designer jean craze that started in the late 1970s, and expanded into the early 1990s. He was a pioneer of taking an article of clothing that was associated with the most casual of dress, cowboys, and gangs, and turned blue jeans into an article that the most hip and upscale people just had to have.

Calvin Klein is one of the most recognizable brands in fashion, whose philosophy of modern, sophisticated, and often minimal designs has remained a staple of American fashion for over four decades. The clean lines and spare shapes of the brand's designs extend to women's and men's sportswear, jeans, shoes, underwear, fragrance, accessories, and products for the home.

Calvin Klein, Inc., one of the leading fashion, design, and marketing studios in the world today, began in 1968 when Calvin Klein and a childhood friend first opened a women's coat business. Klein's work quickly earned him widespread recognition. The clean lines and spare shapes of his designs caught the attention of the press and retail executives alike, and the brand continued to expand its reach.

Momentum continued through the 1970s as the appeal and appreciation grew for Calvin Klein's modern style and creative philosophy. On its way to becoming a true lifestyle brand, the company extended its offering to categories like ready-to-wear, designer jeans, underwear, and fragrance, and began to feature them in the company's now iconic advertising campaigns.

Over the years, successful expansion has resulted in today's Calvin Klein brand, a worldwide fashion and design powerhouse with a globally recognized brand name. Today, the company manages a product portfolio spanning men's and women's apparel, coats, suits, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, hosiery, socks, swimwear, belts, eyewear, watches, jewelry, fragrances, and beauty, as well as products for the home.

Calvin Klein Collection is the most prestigious and refined brand within the Calvin Klein portfolio, setting the tone of elegance and luxurious simplicity for the company's other brands. Calvin Klein Collection represents a sleek modernity characterized by immaculate finishing and tailoring with rich materials and sensual fabrics. In addition to the brand's ready wear line, which is shown each season on the runways of New York and Milan, Calvin Klein Collection also offers men's and women's shoes, eyewear, handbags and other accessories.

One really great development in swimwear over the last decade is the release of the underwire swimsuit. There is a wide range of these available, and they give two types of women a lot of help in wearing their swimsuit. First, if you are large breasted the underwire suit gives you control and support and enables to keep yourself from falling out of your bathing suit. If you are a woman who wants a little push and added look of volume then this will as well. One underwire swimsuit that is quite elegant and fashionable is the Calvin Klein Underwire Mio Swimsuit. We want to take a little closer look at this beautiful swimwear and see if you are a woman who might benefit from it.


No doubt about it this Calvin Klein Mio Underwire is a cutting edge bathing suit, perfect for the woman of discriminating tastes. This swimsuit features an underwire top support that will give you the control and comfort you are looking for. It also has a molded cup construction that provides shaping and smoothing where you need it most. The straps are fully adjustable, which will offer you a perfect fit every time.

The fabric this swimsuit is made of an innovative and fashionable blend. It is made from most nylon for durability, but it also has enough spandex in it for body shaping and control where you need it the most. The cut is extremely fashionable with beautifully curved lines in the inside cup area and the inside thigh. It is also cut with a high back to give you even more upper body support which makes this swimsuit easy to wear all day long.

Currently this Underwire Mio design by Calvin Klein comes in three exquisite solid colors in a one piece bathing suit. They offer first and foremost the standard matte black which will is the optimal color for a thin look. Also offered is a taupe color that they call Mink, which looks absolutely stunning for a more formal look. The last color offered is a striking Turquoise which suites a bolder taste very well. This exquisite underwire swimwear comes in a full range of sizes from four to sixteen. It retails for around one hundred dollars, but if you are persistent to shop around online you will be able to find it much cheaper than this.

Calvin Klein produces sportswear, men's undergarments, and a host of legendary perfumes and colognes, such as Obsession, Eternity for men and women, Escape, and Euphoria. There are several versions of each of these, and of course, CK One, with its many different versions. The Calvin Klein brand shows no sign of slowing down, and continues to be a top American brand with all of its products.

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