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Annee Matthew - Bianca Maxi Nursing Maternity Dress
from amazon

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Fully lined with beautiful embellishments at the empire waist - this dress is flattering on all figures. Designed to be worn both during pregnancy and beyond for easy breastfeeding. Made from eco-friendly and super soft Bamboo.The flattering deep v- neckline is actually a double layer; pull the top one aside to get to an inner discretion layer with a vertical slit for nursing. Full length and ultra fabulous, this figure-skimming maternity dress has been designed in an ultra-soft modal and spande

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This dress is for special occasion. You want to be happy for your best friend/sister/boss. They're celebrating Something with a Black Tie Event. But all you can think of is that you're pregnant or nursing and have nothing to wear! Well, this gorgeous dress is just what you have been looking for. And best of all -- it can be worn both during your pregnancy and after for discreet breastfeeding - so you will get a lot of wear out of this beautiful item.

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Pregnancy can be a tough time for the fashion conscious. You suddenly realise how small the maternity section you've been ignoring your whole life really is, and the temptation to dress in frumpy plus size tops, jogging bottoms and men's shirts is greater than ever before. Even if you crave style and class, the choice on offer in high street shops is limited, and the rails rarely extend to smart outfits for work or elegant evening wear.

The key to looking great during the pregnancy and nursing stages is to change your shopping habits. You're going to have your favourite brands right now, but if their maternity ranges aren't up to scratch (and very few high street brands are), steer clear until you're back to your pre pregnancy shape.

If you do most of your clothes shopping on the high street, now is the time to consider online shopping. The maternity section in clothing stores tends to be limited to say the least, often with just one small section pushed to the back of the store. Online maternity and nursing boutiques offer a much wider choice, with everything from comfortable lounge and night wear to glamorous maternity feeding tops, couture winter coats and even stunning wedding dresses.

Don't stand by your old favourite designers; boutique maternity brands are much more experienced at creating practical clothes to flatter your bump. Look for Mothers en Vogue, Annee Matthew and Milker for quality maternity feeding tops and knitwear with concealed openings for nursing. Breastfeeding tops are a great way to make the most of your maternity wardrobe because they can be worn during and after pregnancy -look for stretchy yet breathable materials which change shape with your bump.

For something a little more special, try Sweet Belly's couture range. Online boutiques stock all of these brands - and many more - in one easy place. This is your chance to enjoy a whole new fashion world!


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