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Anita Women's Lace Rose Nursing Bra
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Black color. Made from 40% cotton, 35% polyamide, 15% polyurethane and 10% elastane. Hand wash. Kwikklip system.
B 32-40,C32-38,D32-36,E32-34,F32 has 2 hooks
B 42,C 40-42, D38-42, E36-42, F34-42, G32-36 has 3 hooks

Why to buy?
Extra wide opening for convenient breastfeeding. Spice up your intimates collection with this cute bra and enjoy a splash of color and classic style that's always on trend.

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Anita Maternity nursing bras offer moulded (seamless cups for extra-sensitive breasts, all-round breast support, natural shaping and soft underwiring for the perfect fit, Kwik Klip (most models), allowing the cups to be opened and lcosed withone hand and elastic, adjustable straps permanently attached to the breast support.

Foam softcup nursing bra, black lace overlay on the cup, pretty straps with great support, nursing pads do not show through.

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